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My washing machine, which is on the 3rd floor, flooded. Now, the floor on the 3rd floor and part of the second floor ceiling are water damaged.
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I brought mom to her new place, a rehab center about 11 miles from home. She is much closer now. I can get to her within 20 minutes. It took me over an hour to go to the hospital. Speaking of the hospital, I have a long list of complaints to make tomorrow:

1. Mom needed assistance and it took them 2 hours to respond. I know, I was there.

2. They failed to wash her in the morning.

3. They never took her menu requests and she ended up getting food she didn't care for.

4. They left her sitting in a chair from 9 am till 3 pm. Never bothered to check in on her to see whether she needed assistance or go to the bathroom. They didn't give her the nurse button either. Also, they gave her her lunch at 3 pm. They had to reheat it for her. Is this a way to treat the elderly?

5. She was to be discharged, but refused to dress her. They wanted her to go to the new facility wearing her hospital gown. It was very cold out. When I complained, they told me that it was better for her to go in her gown,  as she would have to be dressed for bed in the new facility. WTF, it was cold out. Besides, they told me that she was not ill enough to travel by ambulance, hence I would have to drive her myself. This meant that she would have to sit in my car wearing a hospital gown with no underwear. Are these people barbarians? I insisted that they dress her. They did.

6. They had an inexperienced high school student take her down to  my car in a wheel chair. He didn't know how to assist her to sit in my car.  Mom was hurt in the process. How can they send an inexperienced kid to transport and  assist a person who just had orthopedic surgery?

7. Mom's blood pressure is low. She may still be bleeding internally. This means that they discharged her when she was still needing medical care. Not good.
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First, I want to thank all who expressed your concerns for my mom. You don't know how much that meant to me. I would like to thank each and one of you personally, but right now, I am lacking time and need to focus on mom. Nonetheless, I'm taking a bit of time to tell you what happened and update you where we are so far.

Brian, mom, and I went over to Abbie for dinner. Jack was working. Hence, it would be just the 5 of us: Abbie, Meghan, mom, Brian, and I. Abbie was cooking, and mom and I were entertaining Meghan. Brian,Mom, and I were already sitting at the table, as the meal was soon to be served. Mom was sitting in a chair that Abbie would be sitting and I was sitting on mom's chair. I asked her to switch, while I would put Meghan in her highchair. As I was placing Meghan in the chair, the tray of her highchair fell on the floor. Mom was scooting over to the seat I had taken, tripped over the tray, and fell hard on her left side. She couldn't put any weight on her leg, but tried to tough it up. I lifted her on her chair, and mom tried to eat dinner. Her pain was too intense, and we called the emergency squad. Amazingly, a fire truck and an ambulance arrived with about 8 paramedics. They were amazingly good with us. (When my mother-in-law broke her hip, we called the emergency squad, and one ambulance with two paramedics showed up.)

Anyway, the upshot is that she broke the femur and not the hip. They decided that she will have a long nail put in her leg. It will take longer for her to be able to bear weight on her leg, but it will be less evasive, there will be less blood loss, and will end up being better for her overall in the future. We don't know when surgery will be. All we know is that it will be today. I am getting ready to go to the hospital, and, if I can, I'll update. Most of my updates will be on my twitter. So those of you who tweet, you can follow me at http://twitter.com/spicedogs. I will still update here, anyway. It just may not be as often.

Thank you. Thank you for being here for me.
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I'm on the way to the hospital. My mom fell. She may have broken her hip.

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I think I turned into

[livejournal.com profile] mr_henrygale . I just bought this journal simply because I liked what it looked like:



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I want to send good wishes to all the members of my f-list.

Happy Thanksgiving.

The history behind the surgery. )


Nov. 21st, 2008 05:57 pm
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Surgery is over. I'm on Vicodin and in lots of pain

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My mom

Nov. 7th, 2008 10:23 pm
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I am to fly to Omaha tomorrow. On Sunday, Manya's tombstone will be unveiled. However, I may not go because my mom is in the hospital. She may have had a heart attack.

More details later, as I am writing this in the hospital via my iPhone.

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I watched The View today and I found out the following:

1. I really, really hate Elizabeth Hasselback.

2. I really, really admire Whoppi.

3. I really, really like Joy Behar's feistiness.

4. I really, really learned to like Pink.

That's all.

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Chicken Quesadilla, Seafod Vegetables, Watermelon, and Grapes


Oct. 21st, 2008 06:17 pm
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It's a known fact that I love miso soup. Ambereen and Ethan surprised me with a gift of ready-made miso soup. I cut some green onions and added cubed tofu to the water, boiled it, and then added the powder. I had no idea that the powder already had my ingredients in it. It didn't matter, I love it. It was nice to have a lot of tofu in it.[Poll #1281516][Poll #1281516]


Oct. 18th, 2008 06:24 pm
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Those of you who know me well, know that I am a technogeek. I always say that I was born 40 years too soon. I love technology. I fought being on Twitter and finally gave in. I try not too twitt to often, but having an iPhone makes twitting and being on the Internet so easy. I can even be in the bathroom and stay connected. (What a thought, isn't it?)

Today, I visited this blog, and there I found this video about Twitter:

  By the way, you can find me on twitter here.

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In 1997, I broke my left foot by tripping over my Ginger's (who is no longer with us) sleepy body:

Then, the next year, I broke my right foot by stepping on a hole during my daughter's commencement exercises.

That same year, I we went to the Renaissance Festival in our local area, where they were selling walking sticks. I really wanted one, as I couldn't walk very well, but hubby and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a fancy piece of wood. But yesterday, I went out and did it. I bought a fancy piece of wood. It was for charity, so it was a good cause. Here's what it looks like (I will take my own pictures when it arrives):

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