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Mar. 28th, 2009 07:30 pm
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[ profile] divka  introduced him to me. Then, I met [ profile] zestylime  on Twitter and she actually made me appreciate him. The man is hilarious. Enjoy:

His back to front hand moves are hilarious.
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Every year, there's a congregation of bassets in Michigan. Here's video of the 2008 Waddle:

NOTE to [ profile] katje0711 , there's no sound, only background music.
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[ profile] greyrider  started me on nostalgically looking back on the old Carol Burnett Show. It was so funny. I wish that we had more shows like this now. Here's something for your enjoyment:



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Some of you may have seen these videos, but I'm uploading them just in case someone has not seen them:

Bizkit, the sleepwalking dog. )
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I was talking to[ profile] greyrider  over IM and she and I touched upon Dildo, a place a Newfoundland, Canada. So, here's to you, [ profile] greyrider  and [ profile] anwylarawn 

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This was originally posted in[ profile] m_emerson_news . I generally don't repost articles about Michael Emerson in this journal, but I thought that, because his politics is mentioned, as well as his opposition to Proposition 8, which was unfortunately passed in California, it merits to be posted here. Michael Emerson, in my opinion, is a great actor, as well as a great soul. I also placed a video that Keith Olberman made regarding Proposition 8. I urge members of my f-list who agreed with Proposition 8 (banning gay marriage) to listen to Keith and, if you can, could you please show me the line in the Bible that says that marriage is between a man and a woman only.

When I read the Bible, I found so many other type of offensive passages. )



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After seeing in [info]divka 's journal and at [ profile] ulibka_fortuni 's urging, here's a very funny video:

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Now, I admit that Keith Olberman is a bit harsh (although not as nasty as Rush Limbaugh), but the truth is that she should know the Constitution. She should know the job description of the position she is hoping to get. When I am applying for a new job, I learn about the job description and make sure that I am qualified to do it. I don't think she did either for the VP position. This is scary, as she is one heart beat away form the presidency.



Oct. 18th, 2008 06:24 pm
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Those of you who know me well, know that I am a technogeek. I always say that I was born 40 years too soon. I love technology. I fought being on Twitter and finally gave in. I try not too twitt to often, but having an iPhone makes twitting and being on the Internet so easy. I can even be in the bathroom and stay connected. (What a thought, isn't it?)

Today, I visited this blog, and there I found this video about Twitter:

  By the way, you can find me on twitter here.

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Curious? )

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A few months ago, I was continuously listening to The Assassins. I still like it, but I am now listening to The Man of La Mancha ad nauseam. Here are two different performances:

Richard Kiley is the performer here. He was the original and, as far as I am concerned, he is still the best.

This one is the Broadway revival with Brian Stokes Mitchell.

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I saw this on [ profile] miss_sophia 's journal.

This is hilarious. One of my favorite songs from Les Miserables is featured. See if you recognize  "certain" candidates.


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I snagged this from [ profile] miss_sophia :

This video is hilarious.


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This was in the news today.  Enjoy.



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