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This was originally posted in[livejournal.com profile] m_emerson_news . I generally don't repost articles about Michael Emerson in this journal, but I thought that, because his politics is mentioned, as well as his opposition to Proposition 8, which was unfortunately passed in California, it merits to be posted here. Michael Emerson, in my opinion, is a great actor, as well as a great soul. I also placed a video that Keith Olberman made regarding Proposition 8. I urge members of my f-list who agreed with Proposition 8 (banning gay marriage) to listen to Keith and, if you can, could you please show me the line in the Bible that says that marriage is between a man and a woman only.

When I read the Bible, I found so many other type of offensive passages. )



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Spicedogs is now no longer the depository for Michael Emerson News. All the news will be posted here:


I am in the process of transferring every bit of news article to this site.

Please take time to friend it.


(Are you wondering why I am doing this? It's because my blog became a bit more personal, and the Michael Emerson Web site was linked to Spicedogs. I no longer want just anybody to read this blog. Hence, I placed a link from the Web site to Michael Emerson News.)
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In reference to my earlier post on the Honolulu Theatre for the Youth (HTY),  here's an additional tidbit:

How did HTY get members of the 'LOST' cast to perform at its fundraiser, coming up on Saturday?

 "Lost" actor Henry Ian Cusick's wife, Annie Wood, used to be artistic director of a children's theater in London - and is on the board of HTY.

"Ian had to do it, of course," she said, but she's also enlisted Michael Emerson, Jorge Garcia, Daniel Dae Kim and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Says Allen, "I think when they see my number come up on their phone, they think, 'Oh no, what's she want now?' But, actually, they all said they'd do it straightaway."

The quintet will do the play-within-a-play from "Midsummer Night's Dream" which, in testament to Shakespeare's comic chops, is still funny after 400 years. "They're all trained stage actors," says Allen. "They have great presence."

They'll be present at the dinner as well, tickets for which are still available: 457-4255.

SOURCE: Star Bullet

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Five actors from ABC’s hit series “Lost” will perform at a fundraiser for Honolulu Theatre for Youth, a rare group outing for members of the Hawaii-based cast.

Actors Henry Ian Cusick, Michael Emerson, Jorge Garcia, Daniel Dae Kim and Elizabeth Mitchell will perform a scene from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” which is a fall production of the theatre.

The performance is part of HTY’s annual “Le Masquerade” fundraiser, being held Oct. 25 at the Koolau Grand Ballroom in Kaneohe.

“Lost” actors have previously performed to benefit HTY, a professional theatre company founded in 1955 and one of the state’s largest performing arts organizations.

The event is open to the public and information is available at www.htyweb.org.


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Read more... )

SOURCE:  The Envelope

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I sent him a birthday package that the members of the Michael Emerson Fan Board entrusted me with. I also sent him my own gift and 14 pages of questions that the board members asked. Guess what? He answered them all. I order to see them, you must be a member of the board. It will be a while before I'll post them here. Maybe, I'll post the answers to our questions that we sent last year.

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 At the Towelhead premiere, we also spoke with the fab Maria Bello (more on her latuh), as well as Lost’s Michael Emerson, who’s married to Towelhead’s Carrie Preston. Dude plays the deliciously devilish Ben on the hit show, but, of course, you know that. Don’t you think he’s easily one of the best babes (we use the term liberally, natch) on the sandy nighttime soap, which is about to start back up shortly? Here’s what M.E. had to say:

On his show’s insane popularity: Everybody I run into seems to watch it, so we must be doing something right.

Weirdest Lost theory someone blabbed to him? Some guy told me once that he thought the island was the ruins of an intergalactic zoo...that is less than one percent of overlap with the true meaning of the show. But maybe! Who knows?

There’s an online petition for Emerson to play the Riddler in the next Batman flick.

His thoughts? My agent hasn’t even dreamed of that.

On being the only one in the Lost gang to score an Emmy acting nomination: That doesn’t please me that much because I think I work with a first-rate cast, and everybody on our show is turning in great performances, so it’s not right that I should be up there by myself.

Not surprisingly, Mikey said he’s seen T-shirts reading “Ben Linus for President,” which he fully endorses. “You would know that Ben is on top of the situation and that he was fully informed.”

OK, Emerson had us until that last bit, who the hell does he think he is, Paris Hilton?

—Additional English-screwin' reporting by Becky Bain

SOURCE: E-Online


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Emily Feimster

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be married to a mad man, just ask actress Carrie Preston! Of course, luckily for Preston, she's married to "Lost" star Michael Emerson and not his cutthroat character Ben Linus. She says his success has been one of her biggest highlights, but it hasn't come without its share of changes for the couple.

"Oh, it's so exciting. This is a role of a lifetime. It's really great to see how celebrated he is and how celebrated the show is. It's changed our lives, but mostly for the good. The only thing we have to weather is being apart and we've figured that out," notes Preston, who as of late has been filming Alan Ball's much-anticipated HBO series "True Blood."

"When Michael first started working on the show regularly, I was doing a show on Broadway and we didn't see each other very much, because he's in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I had been wanting to take a break from doing plays and spend a little more time in L.A. anyway, so it worked out perfectly. Now, I sort of relocate to L.A. when he's in Honolulu -- that way it's a much easier commute," she explains.

"I've also had the benefit of being able to play his mom on the show. That was fun. I hope they bring me back and let me haunt him as my ghostly self."

As far as the downsides of fame, Preston admits there are some. "There's just more visibility for him, so there's a little less privacy. We haven't really had any bad experiences with fans, but they can be disruptive sometimes," she adds. "We'll be having dinner and there will be somebody holding up a cell phone recording us. It's like, 'Um, can you put that away?' Now, I just make him wear a hat and glasses as much as possible!"


 SOURCE: Netscape Celebrity


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Hope that you enjoy yourself today!

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September is the month that Michael Emerson was born and [profile] greenleaf_y came up with this great calendar for the month:

The larger version is housed here:




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