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I must confess to you all, I am IN LOVE with my new Nikon D-70 camera that I bought from [livejournal.com profile] greyrider . I bought it from her a few months ago. The first few days after I received the camera and all the paraphernalia that came with it, I was intimidated by it. I wouldn't even open the case it came in. Slowly, I got accustomed to its presence and I started playing around with it. My experience at first was very much like the first time I opened my newly acquired Photoshop 2.0 software. I opened it and looked at it and said, “Do something.” I certainly didn’t know how to maneuver the software. Well, likewise, I certainly didn’t know how to maneuver this camera. But I am learning, and the photos that are emerging are beautiful.

Heck, there’s so much to learn about the camera and how to use it. I look at the camera and my thoughts scream at it, “Is there a school out there that can teach me how to use you?”

I take a deep breath. “Give it time,” a small voice in my head soothingly whispers to me, “give it time. Look where you are with Photoshop. Give it time.” And I will give it time. Till then, here’s what I have produced so far:Till then, here’s what I have produced so far: )

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A fawn followed this beagle home (not mine)—right through the doggie door.  


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Here's a new picture:

Click on the picture to see the larger version.

More pictures available here: http://www.michaelemerson.net/coppermine/

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Michael did a podcast with Comic Book Insider. Here's a photo that they had taken:

The larger version can be viewed here: http://www.michaelemerson.net/coppermine/
It is under "Personal Appearance," "Podcast CNI."


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