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Terry O'Quinn was interview on CW 11 (WPIX—NYC station). And in true TOQ fashion, he complimented Michael Emerson. This man has class.


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 Here's what Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn had to say:

Some would win; most would not. But there was a lot of good humor out there. The grueling heat on the carpet was a breeze for "Lost" star Michael Emerson after that hell he called Hawaii. "We're filming in the jungle. It's sun, blood and mud. They're running out of places to put wounds on me," said Emerson, chuckling on a loud and crowded red carpet Sunday before the Emmys show at the Shrine Auditorium.

Emerson, who plays the mysterious Ben Linus on the ABC hit series, was nominated but ceded the Emmy for best supporting actor in a drama to co-star Terry O'Quinn. Later backstage O'Quinn said he would have been happy if Emerson had won instead. Like Emerson, O'Quinn said his character appeals to viewers because he's a mystery. "My character is a bit of a puzzle."

Source: Ventura County Star

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Terry won the Emmy. But the nice guy that he is, he acknowledged Michael Emerson. Here's the video:

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Congratulations Terry on your first Emmy.

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I am on a roll today. I just learned to manipulate MS Movie Maker and just finished making my own video. My very first one.

I can't believe that I did what I did. Yes, I joined the Bocke people. I made my very first Bocke video. I combined my favorite singer (Bernadette Peters) with my favorite actors (Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn).

Bernadette Peters sings the song "Unexpected Song," and the video is called "Bocke's Lament."

I hope that you enjoy it:

By the way, the rest of my videos are kept here:



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