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I got a new toy. A Flip Camcorder. [livejournal.com profile] greyrider  said that she was not pleased with the quality of hers. So far, I find that it is OK for my needs. Will see once how I feel about it once I start recording Meghan.

Here's my test shot, showing Cocoa, Carrie, and Basil.

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The video that I am posting in the journal is making the rounds among my f-list. Those of you who share friends with me and have seen the video, I apologize. I feel that there is a need to spread the word. So I am doing my share. Please think about the message as you view it.

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Nothing could come closer to the truth as this skit.

(Just bear with the commercial. It's worth it. The video quality is great, and the subject is, in my opinion, the truth.)

Thank you [personal profile] txvoodoo for giving me the opportunity to watch this.

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Eighteen mosquito bites. 11 cast member interviews. And just about the best memories of any set visit I've ever done in my tenure as E!'s resident obsessive TV fan. This is what I carry with me after my forage deep, deep into the jungle (okay, so we were mostly on the beach) to check out the latest happenings on the set of that show we fans can't get enough of, ABC's Lost, on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: My job doth not sucketh.

Very soon, I will be bringing you our third annual "Lostapalooza" (try not to mosh pit; it's dangerous), with enough in-depth interviews, on-set secrets and Skate vs. Jate goodness to last you 'til the show bows out of its third season next month.

But in the meantime, while our video elves work overtime to process the enormously large box of videotapes of footage from set, I bring you my latest Vine show, which was shot entirely behind the scenes on the set of Lost. It features your favorite Lostaways answering 100% real questions emailed in by you, the fans.

So if you want to know the latest on Sun's baby daddy, Josh Holloway's crush on Hurley and why Dominic Monaghan is diiiirrrrrty (does Evangeline know?), click on the video box on this page
Video sent by DarkUFO
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I found this on the Michael Emerson Fan Board:

It was made by SavageAnna of YouTube.

Disclaimer: This video is transferred from YouTube, because I am not allowed to view anything from YouTube at work.

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Here's this video:

Here's my problem:

I have friends who live outside of the United States and English is hard for them to understand, especially with such bad accoustics. I am posting my transcription that I made, but I was unable to decipher some of the words. Could someone fill in the ones that I underlined?

Kate and Sawyer:

Sawyer: So Freckles, what is the first thing we are going to do when we get off this rock?

Kate: Ah, easy: Vegas.

Sawyer: Vegas? Nice choice. Sin City. What’s you poison? Gamblin’, drinkin’?

Kate: Actually the CES is there in January.

Sawyer: CES?

Kate: Consumer Electronics Show. I am so looking forward how the HD-DVD --Blu-Ray rivalry turns out.  HDDVD [couldn’t make the word out] turns out

Sawyer: Who isn’t?

Kate: And the guys at CES, are dead sexy. [unable to make out]

Sawyer: Alright, I will pretend you didn’t say it. So, let’s get down to business, ha? Here’s a question: Now that we are leaving, you’ve got choose once and for all. So who’s it’s going to be, me or Jack?

Kate: Sorry cowboy, it’s going to be Jack.

Sawyer: Jack? Why?

Kate: He’s got the bigger boat. There he is right now. Hey, Jack.

Camera pans to Jack Sparrow, of the Pirates of the Caribbean. [Editor’s note, Disney owns LOST and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.]

Ben and Sayid

Ben: You’ve just been saved by a loveable and wealthy pirate. Is it really necessary to tie me up?

Sayid: I want to be sure that you don’t follow us. And now before I get on that ship, I want answers. Since we’ve been here, we’ve experienced things beyond all rational explanation. Things with don’t make any sense: polar bears, monsters, a French woman with an Eastern-European accent. What does it all mean? What is this island? Is there even an answer?

Ben: Yes, there is. One simple, unifying theory that will clear up all your questions. It’s surprisingly simple and, in its own way, beautiful. If you let me go, I’ll share it with you.

Sayid: It’s a deal!

Ben: OK, the island is….

There’s a malfunction with the film. When the film returns, it focuses on Sayid.

Sayid: Really? My money was on purgatory.

The End

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[profile] skinny_bacon  of  [profile] henrygalelovers community found this clip:

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Found this in YouTube:

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Here's Michael Emerson talking about his role in Straight Jacket.

I want to thank [livejournal.com profile] skinny_bacon for intially making this clip off of her DVD.


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