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I am sick with upper and lower GI issues, but these two things made me laugh today:

This last one made me think of [livejournal.com profile] txvoodoo 

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My newest piece of  (f)art.

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I am sick as a dog with upper respiratory infection. Yuck. This morning, when I went to my e-mail, I saw this cute message from a friend, and I must share it.

Enjoy )
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This was in one of my communities, and I had to share:

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This jade Buddha statue is in the entrance of our favorite Chinese buffet restaurant. I don't know why it intrigues me, but it does. Maybe the jade color is somewhat attractive (even though green is my most unfavorite color). I put a link to enable my f-list to view the larger version. It's there that the colors are extremely prominent. What do you think?

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I wanted to make a totally original avi and I succeeded. I went from this:

The person on the soap box and the soap box was from a clipart that I found online. The rest were all my work with Photoshop.

Here's the avi:


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I am so glad that I cancelled my membership with this magazine back in the '90s. Garrison Keillor was correct when he said,

"The New Yorker used to be a writers' magazine and it was very important to me. But under Tina Brown's editorship, it's been transformed into a magazine driven by gossip. It's not a writer's magazine any moreit's all about 'buzz' now."—GK

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I wish you all a

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I am getting good, even if I have to say so. I know that I am sounding like I have a huge ego. I don't. But I am mighty proud of myself.

I went from this:

to these:

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[profile] gl12   challanged me:

Now let's see you fill in under all of the headlines: Pregnant (Sun); Best Dresses (I guess Kate's from breakfast w/Ben); Farewells (Charlie, Tom, Mikhail *snif*, Mr. Eko); Hot (who else); the new A-list (the others?)

and I accepted it.

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This was prompted by a discussion on the MEFB board. 

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In 1992, when Michael Emerson was about 38 years old, he made a training video for the Bureau of Prisons. He played the counselor of a very irate inmate. The plot was about how to deal with a confrontatious inmate without using brute force. Anyway, this man was gorgeous even as a younger man.

I made 125 screen caps of that video. Here's a sample of what the screen caps look like (these pictures are smaller than the actual screen caps:

Should you want to see them all, go to this site:


Click on "Album list," scroll down to "Training Films," and click on "Screen Caps for Training Film for the Bureau of Prisons."  Or just click here:

Screen Caps for a Training Film for The Bureau of Prisons


125 files, last one added on Apr 25, 2007

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Sophie, AKA benlinusisagoodguy at the Michael Emerson Fan Board made this hilarious slide show:


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