Jan. 14th, 2009

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I brought mom to her new place, a rehab center about 11 miles from home. She is much closer now. I can get to her within 20 minutes. It took me over an hour to go to the hospital. Speaking of the hospital, I have a long list of complaints to make tomorrow:

1. Mom needed assistance and it took them 2 hours to respond. I know, I was there.

2. They failed to wash her in the morning.

3. They never took her menu requests and she ended up getting food she didn't care for.

4. They left her sitting in a chair from 9 am till 3 pm. Never bothered to check in on her to see whether she needed assistance or go to the bathroom. They didn't give her the nurse button either. Also, they gave her her lunch at 3 pm. They had to reheat it for her. Is this a way to treat the elderly?

5. She was to be discharged, but refused to dress her. They wanted her to go to the new facility wearing her hospital gown. It was very cold out. When I complained, they told me that it was better for her to go in her gown,  as she would have to be dressed for bed in the new facility. WTF, it was cold out. Besides, they told me that she was not ill enough to travel by ambulance, hence I would have to drive her myself. This meant that she would have to sit in my car wearing a hospital gown with no underwear. Are these people barbarians? I insisted that they dress her. They did.

6. They had an inexperienced high school student take her down to  my car in a wheel chair. He didn't know how to assist her to sit in my car.  Mom was hurt in the process. How can they send an inexperienced kid to transport and  assist a person who just had orthopedic surgery?

7. Mom's blood pressure is low. She may still be bleeding internally. This means that they discharged her when she was still needing medical care. Not good.


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