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Lost heartthrob Josh Holloway and wife Yessica welcomed a daughter on April 9 in Oahu, PEOPLE has exclusively confirmed. They named their baby girl Java Kumala Holloway.

"Dad and Mom are absolutely thrilled," a source close to the actor, 39, tells PEOPLE. "Everyone's happy and healthy." This is the first child for the couple, who have been married since 2004.

Holloway's Lost costar Daniel Dae Kim knew the actor would enjoy fatherhood. "He'll be an incredible dad," Kim told PEOPLE in February. "When you talk to him about his baby, his face completely lights up."

Source: People.com

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ABC's Lost Hunk Josh Holloway Pays For 'Married Not Buried' Line

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith
Feb 12, 2007

ABC's Lost Hunk Josh Holloway Pays For 'Married Not Buried' Line
ABC's Lost Hunk Josh Holloway Pays For 'Married Not Buried' Line
Watch what you say around the media. 'Lost' hunk Josh Holloway says he's still getting fallout from his remarks a few months ago about marriage and having a roving eye.  It might not seem all that bad: "I still like to look around, but respectfully and with no intentions. 'Married, not buried,' I always say.'" However, "I caught a lot of flack for that," admits Holloway.

 "The real core is my wife knows that I'm very much in love with her," he goes on. "She may get angry and say, 'You better learn -- quick,' but she knows -- and I'm trying."

Holloway maintains his remarks were just an attempt to be devilishly charming like his bad-boy Sawyer character on "Lost." "It was meant innocently. The character's kind of sassy and this and that, so I try to be myself -- but kind of sassy. You don't want to hear all about 'Oh, I love my wife, and that's all I do is stare at her all day.' Well, yeah, OK, I do that, but no one wants to know exactly that. So that was a mistake, a learning process."

Meanwhile, Holloway's enjoying getting to explore the softer side of Sawyer on LOST now that he ended up with Kate (Evangeline Lilly). As he sees it, Sawyer is not a bad guy per se, "only a good guy who got hurt or wronged in his eyes enough to (create) a defense mechanism. He feels empowered by keeping people away from him and not letting anyone in, but that doesn't work on the island anymore … He's stuck facing his own demons, and his old tricks don't work now."

Source: Creators.com


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