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10:40 A bit of good news: 1 BP drug has been decreased & the other discontinued, & Mom's BP is still good - low side of normal, but still normal. #

10:42 They tried to turn down the help from the ventilator a little, but it had to be turned back up. I'm surprised they bothered trying (cont) #

10:43 ...this early, so the result itself is not surprising. Dad will talk to nurse shortly to find out if they can give her diuretics soon. #

10:46 Dad just called again with more good news: Her temp is down to 99.8, and she may not need diuretics after all! (cont) #

10:47 Her chest Xray showed improvement - pulmonary edema clearing on its own!!! That's why they tried to turn down vent, but it was too soon. #

10:59 A bit of random news: The cultures all came back negative, & the current theory is that her long-term tooth problems may be the cause (cont) #

11:00 ...of the lung infection. Her cold may have been incidental or maybe weakened her immune system. #

11:08 So they're doing another test to see if her teeth caused the infection & giving her an antibiotic targeted specifically to that. #

11:10 They had tried to turn down vent b/c of her improvement in BP, temp, & edema. But it's ok that she wasn't ready yet. #

11:12 Docs predict she'll be off vent tomorrow or Friday. Yay! Will keep updating as I hear it. Thanks to everyone for all the support. #

16:57 At the hospital. Nothing new. Fever down to 99.2. Not struggling with vent much anymore. Overall much improved! Let's hope it continues! #

20:34 Mom's doing well. Fever down to 99.2-99.5. BP at a good level. Docs will try to extubate (take off ventilator) tomorrow morn. (cont) #

20:36 Then she'll be awake, yay! She will have lasting heart weakness (congestive heart failure), but meds & not overdoing physical (cont) #

20:39 ...activity will keep her happy & healthy. Sorry she has to miss Lost tonight - don't spoil her! Will update after extubation attempt (cont) #

20:40 ...tomorrow. Thanks again for all the support & well wishes for her and our family. #

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Date: 2009-04-02 08:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] greenleaf-y.livejournal.com
Yes, it's some good news. Hugs for Edith and your family, Abby.


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