Mar. 13th, 2009

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I had a very unusual dream today.

I dreamt that I woke up, opened my eyes, and Brian was standing in front of the bookcase we have by our bedside. Brian looked extremely strange. He was very thin (when we got married, he was very thin), had black hair (in his younger days, his was sandy) with grey splashes, and thin, but long. (I'm Brian's barber and I make sue that he has short hair to match his baldy receding hairline.) To tell the truth, Brian's looks reminded me of Abbie's friend (DB) who is about to become a daddy this coming May and was continuously called by his last name by the officiant of Abbie's wedding. (This is a hint for her to know whom I'm talking about.)

So, anyway, Brian was looking at me with a smile that DB always has. I asked him why he came back from work so early. He didn't answer. Then I asked him if he had something to tell me. No answer. Then I asked him if he came to tell me something bad, and I woke up. Well, I thought that I woke up. I looked again to see whether Brian was standing there, and a young woman was standing there asking me for office supplies. I told her to go away and let me take a shower and then I’ll give her directions to the nearest Staples. I woke up and thought that I better write the dream down because I would be bound to forget it. Except that I was still dreaming.

I found myself walking and telling Abbie about the silly dream. She told me that I should write it down before I'd forget it. And I told her that I was going to just as soon as I'd get to my desk. As I was walking with her, I saw this woman and told Abbie to remind me to tell her what I dreamt about that woman. So Abbie said that I should tell it to her right then and there. I told her that I wanted to continue telling her the dream about her father first. Then, as soon as we got to my desk, lo and behold, I couldn’t remember the dream about that woman. And Abbie was mad at me. She said that she knew that I would forget. She told me that I should I have written down the dream about the woman when I had woken up from that dream, and then come back to the dream I was having with her and continue telling her the dream I had about her father.

This time I really woke up and wrote the dream down. It was way too weird not to have it recorded.


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