Mar. 12th, 2009

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Just as hubby and I were disembarking (detrain as the conductor announces) our commuter train, Jill Biden (the wife of our vice president—Joe Biden) was boarding her train. There were a slew of secret service agents, police, and K-9s. The car she came in with was parked at the end tail of her Acela train. She was probably going home to Delaware.

We were hurried out of the station fast and the gates were closed. No one was allowed to board the trains. They had to wait for her to go in first. Strange life she now has.

Here's a picture of the Acela. I would love to ride it one day:

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Found this in a forum:

Two great places to eat in Minneapolis/St. Paul:

Minneapolis: Hennepin Ave. has the original Buca DiBeppo, easily the best meal I have ever eaten in my entire life! (I am not exaggerating.)

St. Paul: A block from the Fitzgerald Theater is the immortal Mickey's Dining Car. Food nothing to write home about (altho the hash browns, using fresh potatoes and tons of butter are probably the best hash browns I've ever eaten, and I'm not a hash brown guy), but the atmosphere is an experience unto itself. Loud and crowded even at 3 in the afternoon, the waitresses are true characters (a sassy twentysomething waitress who showed up late was told by her passive/agressive boss it'd be a good idea to leave home earlier next time, snapped back "I have an even better idea! Why don't you fuck off?" I fell in love with her instantly.), and everything is covered with grease. The guy I sat next to at the counter was an elderly gentlemen who was counting up the day's spare change. Again, it's not about the food, it's about the experience. Open 24/7/365, Free Parking, and you better damn know what you want when the waitress asks you! I asked if Garrison Keillor really came there every Saturday after his radio show, the cashier lady went "Yup." As I leave, the super-gruff on-the-edge-of-elderly guy at the counter next to her said "And we kick his ass right back out to the street again!" I'm definitely going back there!

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