Feb. 16th, 2009

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While I was out visiting my mom, I was forwarded this message: "Garrison Keillor is no longer listed as 'married."'

Apparently, his Facebook profile listed him as no longer married. Somehow, this news disturbed me. Mr. Keillor has had a bad marital track and a long track of infidelities.

I was really was happy that he has been married to his third wife for over 13 years. His longest record was 11, with his first wife. He has an 11–year-old daughter. and I was hoping that she’d have her parents together longer than her 39 year-old half-brother did. (His parents divorced when he was 7.)

I believe in the sanctity of marriage. I am married 39 year this year. It was not always a bed of roses, but we survived many ups and downs. We survived those hurdles because we worked hard to keep our marriage together. Though we bicker, we love each other. We share history together. My hubby is the only one who sharea so many good and bad memories with me.

Last night, we were listening to songs that reminded us of our past. It was a wonderful feeling to hear these songs from the past and be able to look at him and say, “Do you know what this song reminds me of?” Then tell him what it was that I remembered, and he looking at me and say, “Yes, those were great times,” or “Yes, I remember that, too.” Who else can you have that with? Who else can still look at you and see you as still think of you to be as sexy as you were 39 years ago? Folks, that only comes with hard work.

I like to hear that celebrities have long marriages. It gives me hope that others are working hard at their marriage and are being an example to show others that splitting is sometimes not the way to go.

Moreover, the truth is that, if you have divorced once, chances are you will divorce again. And if you were thrice married and had had a long-lasting love affair (10 years) as Mr. Keillor had between wife #1 and wife #2, then chances are that your next marriage will not last very long. But it did last 13 years. So why the report of the demise of his marriage? I was really rooting for him this time.

Well, later on, I looked at the article that was forwarded to me and found out that Keillor made a mistake and accidentally removed his marital status from his Facebook. He is Still Married. I have faith that this marriage will last till death do them part. Let’s hope so.

Here's a quote from the article:

Twenty-four hours of un-wedded abyss came to an end at 4:34 p.m. Monday for Garrison Keillor.

A surprise notation on his Facebook page, "Garrison Keillor is no longer listed as married," was fun while it lasted. Monday morning I got a tip about this Facebook change for the millionaire author. Unreturned phone calls were made to the St. Paul home of Keillor and his wife, the very private violinist Jenny Lind Nilsson. And then late in the day Keillor's Facebook status changed again: "Garrison Keillor is now married."

At 5:31 p.m., Keillor posted an explanation, sly in its wit. "Sorry about the confusion. I was editing quickly. We are still married," Keillor wrote on the website.

Get it? "We Are Still Married." Add a colon and the words "Stories and Letters," and you have the name of one of his famous books.


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