Jan. 4th, 2009

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The decision to take Brie to the emergency hospital was a great decision. She, more than likely, would not have been with us had we not taken her there. This hospital is just an amazing place, filled with caring doctors and technicians. Brie is in intensive care with two roommates. One is a cat who, like her, is in renal failure. He is to go home on Monday. The other is a beagle who was run over by a car. His bladder was detached and had to be reconstructed. He should be going home in a few days. These two cases alone tells us that the hospital and its staff is a good place. The doctor who examined Brie assured us that the treatments will help her and give her a good number of quality years ahead. It was reassuring to hear that. Moreover, the hospital has visiting hours. And we are encouraged to come and see our pets. The staff is confident that uniting pets and their humans is a catalyst in helping the pet get better.

We visited Brie in the afternoon and in the evening. Her numbers are improving, but slowly. She is a sick cat at the moment. The upside of things is that Brie is eating, peeing, and  purring, and she looks a lot better than when she was brought to the hospital. She is a bit lethargic, but then again, she is sick. I am ever so grateful that this hospital is available. Amazingly, the hospital was founded by the ex-husband of a friend of mine, with whom I was friendly when Abbie was 4 and 5 years old. The hospital is the place my beagle Tzippy  and my bagle Zack Curry were euthanized. They assured us that there was no quality of life remaining for them. Tzippy was 14.5 years old with brain tumor. Zack was 9 with untreatable cancer. I had nothing but glowing things to say about how the hospital treated us before and after the sad goodbye. I am so happy that they are giving us hope with Brie.

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She had a rough night. They increased her potassium, which decreased her elevated creatine considerably. Unfortunately, balancing a living being's chemistry is not easy. The increased potassium created a cardiac arrhythmia. She is now a bit droopy and not feeling well.  She didn't eat for the staff members, but ate for Abbie. As anyone knows who has been or has had someone who has been under hospitalization for chronic illness, for every two step forward, there is a step backwards. We are still hopeful, as she is off the acute renal failure list. We heard that the kitty who is in there with her underwent the same troubles, and he is going home tomorrow. The dog who was run over by a car went home today.

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When Abbie and Jack visited Brie this afternoon, she was very droopy. She hardly had any energy. A few hours later, the hospital called to get permission to give her a full transfusion. Apparently, she is anemic, as well.

I went to see her tonight. She seemed tired. She is a sick baby. I touched her, caressed her, and gave her neck tickies. In return, she purred back.

I told her that I loved her and wanted to see her back, and I promised her that I wouldn't call her an annoying cat if she meowed to get me to see her eat. It hurts so much seeing your loved one so sick. Abbie, who saw her earlier this afternoon, assured me that Brie was a lot better tonight than she was in the afternoon. We must get over this hurdle. And I have faith that we will.

Brian and I are planning to visit her tomorrow night. We will take off from work one hour earlier.


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